TRE® Bristol with Linda

Tense, Anxious, Stressed-out ?

Tension/Trauma Release Exercises TRE® are an innovative way to help your body and mind let go of deeply held tension - TRE helps you gently shake off tension with a natural, self-directed tremoring process.



TRE can help you feel more

calm, relaxed and at-ease with yourself

Intro to TRE

Learn about the story & Science behind TRE

Try the exercises &

have a shake !

Sunday 15th December

2-4 pm


Yoga Furie studio

201 Ashley Down Road, Bristol, BS7 9DD

Cost - £25 or £20

Please contact lindalovestre@gmail

Booking essential

"TRE was an incredible experience. I felt energised, calm and very positive after my first session. Linda is down to earth and friendly, and I felt very relaxed with her."     

Mel  - Bristol



What is TRE?

TRE® is based on the fundamental idea, backed by recent research, that stress, tension and trauma is both psychological and physical. The reflexive muscle vibrations in TRE® generally feel pleasant and soothing. After doing TRE®, many people report feelings of peace and well-being.

Steve Haines - Principal of TRE College (who I trained with)

TRE® emerged out of Dr. David Berceli’s work with large traumatized communities while living in Africa and the Middle East. His observation and exploration led him to understand that this natural shaking/vibrating response appears to be the body’s own built-in system for quieting down the brain and releasing muscular tension as a way of healing itself from chronic stress, tension and trauma.


TRE® has helped many thousands of people globally. Although there are some preliminary research findings on the benefits of TRE®. The not-for-profit organisation, TRE for All, continually seeks research funding to identify all that is involved in this naturally occurring process.

TRE® is a safe and effective stress release technique for most people. The TRE® process should not be used as a substitute for trauma recovery procedures of a medical or psychiatric/psychological nature. Individuals who have physical or psychological conditions that require strict regulation, individuals with fragile psychological defenses, a complex history of trauma or restricting physical or medical limitations should consult their medical practitioner or a Certified TRE Provider prior to performing these exercises.

Who Can Benefit from TRE® ?


Since this shaking mechanism in the muscles is part of our natural behavior as humans, everyone can benefit from TRE®. This shaking of the muscles, increases the resiliency of the body because it causes deep relaxation that naturally reduces stress levels. It can release emotions ranging from mild upset to severe anxiety whether it is caused by work stress, excessive worry, conflict in relationships, physical stresses or traumas from accidents.

7 minute video, shows people doing TRE

Whether you are a parent/spouse who would like more patience with your family, a victim of violence or accident, a soldier suffering with PTSD, an athlete, or simply a person who wants to become more resilient and just feel better about life, you can benefit from TRE®.

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About Linda

"I came to Linda’s TRE workshops to get help with fatigue, depression, overwhelm and anxiety... I’ve had sessions where I’ve thought ‘what on earth am I doing?  I should stay in bed?’ and I’ve hardly felt able to come in the door.. and each time I’ve known straight away that it was right to be there, and I’ve left relaxed and energised . I’ve never had the sense that I needed recovery time, despite really deep work happening."


CENTRA Person-Centred Counselling Diploma (1996)

Post-Grad Diploma Dance Movement Psychotherapy


TRE® Certified Provider (2018)


I have over 20 years experience working in  mental health. I first studied Person-Centred Counselling to try and work with my own mental health problems. Throughout my 20's I had suffered with what appeared to be Bi-Polar Disorder. I now see my difficulties were a combination of  post-natal depression and overwhelming anxiety. I struggled as a single -parent after leaving an abusive marriage.

For 17 years I worked as a support worker with adults with learning difficulties, with mental heath issues and diagnosed with Autism. I loved this work and was fascinated by trying to understand how to best support people to thrive when their mental health was unstable.

My mental health and anxiety continued to be problematic. In 2002 I joined a Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMPT) women's mental health group at Dance Voice Therapy centre. I have always loved dancing and found exploring emotion through movement far more effective  than talking about it. Over the next decade I went from a client to a volunteer in DMPT groups and then began to study for an M.A in DMPT - I have so far completed two thirds of the qualification achieving a post-grad diploma. 

TRE and Me

My time in therapy had helped me to understand and live with with my delicate mental health but it was a struggle to remain emotionally stable. A friend recommended I try TRE . From my first session I felt like a different person, as if a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. I immediately started training to be a provider with TRE College in London

Over the next 2 years doing TRE about 3 or 4 times a week I found I was much calmer and less phased by the day-to-day problems of life. I also experienced positive physical effects; after years of stomach problems my IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) cleared up and the tremoring loosened off a stiff hip joint that had been becoming increasingly painful. ​Twice I had memories about child-hood trauma whilst shaking but they were not flashbacks, more feeling sad about there having been these difficult times in my life and then relief that they no longer had a hold on me. The grounding techniques I am trained in meant I could safely explore my emotional landscape.

I qualified in January 2018 but already have many people who have benefited from learning TRE with me whilst I was training.



One - One sessions

 If you feel you might want more support engaging with TRE then I offer an initial training session of 90 minutes. Regular sessions are 60 minutes in length. I work  from my home in St Werburghs, Bristol.

Intro  sessions fees

£30 (concessions) 

£50 (full waged)

If we decide to work together then I require a commitment to a minimum of 3 sessions (to be used within 12 weeks). This gives us time for you to learn how to use the tremoring safely and effectively.

Fees (block of 3)

£ 80 (concs)

£ 130 (full waged)

Please contact me if you have any questions and for further details. I am open to discussion about pricing if your income is limited

Introduction to TRE

Booking Essential

£25 (full wage)   £20 (concessions)

2 hour sessions

Learn how TRE works, try the exercises and engage in the shaking sensation, relax and share your experiences

Weekly groups

Wednesday Drop-in

      1 - 2.30 pm

Wild Goose Space

232 Mina Rd,


Suggested  donation £10 - £15

no-one turned away for

lack of funds

Re-starting soon -Thursday Drop-in

8 - 9.30 pm

Breathe Bristol

20 Upper Maudlin St

Both groups are accessible for new shakers  - but if you want to understand  how TRE works please attend an Intro session


£ 11 per session

discount for multiple sessions coming soon

Available on moveGB

Sunday Shake n relax

£20 or £15 (concs)

 Contact me if you'd like to come so I can keep groups small. (max size 8)

Sunday group  - twice monthly

7 - 9pm


Wild Goose Space , Mina Road,

St Werburghs, BS2 9YP


Short intro to TRE, shake, relaxing Yoga Nidra (Body-centred meditation)  with the lovely Wild Goose with it's underfloor heating

"Working with Linda felt very safe. She explained the process simply and provided quiet support in the room as I went through it. She has a trustworthy presence, and I felt completely at ease with her.
Some months before I tried TRE, I had lost my sense of smell - after two sessions it came back. I have continued to use the process and find it easy and pleasant to do. In general, I feel much more calm and centred, and it's good to know that I can use this process whatever life throws at me"


new sloth.jpg

"Learning and practicing TRE with Linda has been an amazing process. She teaches a few simple exercises in a friendly and gentle way and I have been able to fully relax and let the shaking flow through my body.  The results have been profound - I have stopped suffering from anxiety constantly and my physical health has improved, most notably my menstrual cycle . The whole process has opened me up to my heart and feelings and I feel so much more at peace"   Charlotte


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